Please Balears Associations Palma Balears, Illes

• We take our trucks and buses out to the street so that everyone can get on and see how driving is seen from the cabin of a heavy vehicle .
• We participate in road safety workshops with children so that while they learn the rule, they learn to be kind and to respect and live with other road users.
• We use social networks to transmit our messages and the philosophy of our platform.
• We associate and work with all those groups that share our philosophy and who want to become our partners.


1.- RESPECT: courtesy, education and kindness among users is essential to guarantee safety on the road.

2.- KNOWLEDGE OF THE RULES: both if you are a pedestrian and a driver, you have the obligation to know and respect the traffic regulations.
PLEASE is firmly committed to including the subject of road safety in schools.

3.- SAFETY DISTANCE: in overtaking, keep the safety distance with cyclists which is 1.5 meters.

4.- ADEQUATE SPEED: respect the maximum speed set in each case and adapt the vehicle speed to the conditions at all times.

5.- VEHICLES IN GOOD CONDITION: periodically check your vehicle and check that it is in perfect operating condition.

6.- SEAT BELT: remember that all passengers of motor vehicles must use seat belts at all times.

7.- HELMET USE: if you ride a bicycle, and you are under 16 years old, you must always ride with a helmet. From that age on, remember that the use of a road helmet is also mandatory, although it is recommended to always wear it for your safety.

8.- MAKE YOURSELF SEE: if you are a cyclist or motorcycle driver, use reflective clothing and / or bright colors.

9.- MOBILE PHONE: While driving, do not use the mobile phone, even with your hands free.

10.- ZERO ALCOHOL AND DRUG TOLERANCE: and always remember, behind the wheel, zero drugs and alcohol.

From Respect: Put yourself in the other's shoes and act with courtesy, deference and education. From Kindness: If you are affable and accommodating, understanding each other is easier. From the Understanding: Strengthening friendly relationships on the road helps coexistence. From compliance with road safety regulations: If we all comply, it is very easy to understand each other.