Please Balears Associations Palma Balears, Illes

• We take our trucks and buses to the street so that everyone can go up and see how the driving can be seen from the cabin of a heavy vehicle .
• We participate in road safety events with children so that as they learn the norm, they learn to be kind and respect and live with other road users.
• We use social networks to transmit our messages and the philosophy of our platform.
• We associate and work with all those groups that share our philosophy and want to become our partners.

From Respect: Put yourself in the place of the other and act with courtesy, deference and education. From the Kindness: If you are affable and complacent, understanding is easier. From the Understanding: Enhance friendly relations on the road helps coexistence. From the fulfillment of the rules of road safety: If we all comply, it is very easy to understand us.