Please Balears Associations Palma Balears, Illes

THE OBJECTIVE of our association is to promote understanding, coexistence, respect, kindness and safety on the road of drivers of any type of vehicle to avoid accidents.

We have an impact, especially due to its vulnerability and the growing increase in its presence on the islands' roads, in the group of cyclists, as the Balearic Islands - and especially the island of Mallorca - have become an ideal destination for amateur and professional cyclotourism .

PLEASE , and about the current situation ...


PLEASE , knowing that in recent years, the practice of cycling in the Islands has increased exponentially, with the consequent increase in accidents and conflict on the roads, wants to be an actor, that from the values ​​it defends, Contribute to avoid accidents on the road.

PLEASE wants to promote coexistence and kindness with people who hire rental vehicles, usually tourists who do not know the routes they travel.

PLEASE wants to recognize and respect the work of road professionals and that the coexistence with them and their particular circumstances are known to all.

PLEASE , believes that on the road there is room for everyone and that is why it promotes the improvement of kindness, understanding and respect. That's why his motto is "that coexistence" roll.