Please Balears Associations Palma Balears, Illes
CEMEX. Manages a fleet in the Balearic Islands of 65 heavy trucks.
FEBT. Its associates own a fleet of more than 40,000 vehicles of trucks, buses, vans, cars, etc.
UNISPORT CONSULTING It organizes sporting events with an estimated participation of more than 1,500 cyclists / year.
ABA Its associates manage a total of more than 75 driving schools.
FEDERACIÓ DE CICLISME DE BALEARS. More than 2,100 cyclists from the islands are federated and manage sporting events.
PLEASE is open and invites the participation and integration of all those groups or organizations -as partners and / or collaborators- interested in promoting and disseminating their goals with the aim of promoting coexistence on the road and avoiding accidents. Also, through our volunteer group, your personal contribution will also be welcome.